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AventX Migration Package: Your Golden Ticket to Migration Success

Posted on by John Vincent

Charlie finds his Golden TicketMigrating to a new ERP can be more than a headache. The great news for STR Software customers is that AventX truly is an enterprise  document delivery solution that can integrate with just about any ERP.  Taking your existing license with you entails fewer steps than you may expect and most importantly, does not require your organization to write and maintain custom code!

In fact, all we really need in order to email, fax, print, and archive documents from your new ERP with AventX is…

  1. Report output (e.g. a Purchase Order, Invoice, Statement etc.)
  2. Recipient data (e.g. email address, fax number, network printer, or archive path)

Even better, STR Software will guide your organization through each step of the migration including Planning, Execution, Testing, and Move to Production.  If you have a valid support agreement with STR Software, here is your golden ticket to success in your new ERP:  The AventX Migration Package.

The package includes:

  • 1 AventX UNIX or WINDOWS license at No Cost (AventX support agreement required)
  • Continued Support for your existing FAXCOM Software and Hardware (some AventX assets can also be transferred to the new environment…please call to discuss)
  • Best Customer Experience – Guaranteed

If you want to learn more about this amazing offer, contact us. Even if your support plan has expired, a quick conversation can determine the best way to proceed.

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