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AventX Attachment Xpress 2.0 for JDE E1 CAM

Posted on by STR_Software

AventX Attachment Xpress  2.0 for JDE E1 CAM is an important functional release for the product. The release includes four major enhancements that improve performance and usability. For a better understanding of each enhancement, read the descriptions below.

v2.0 (February 2014)

  • Performance
  • Auto-stop for work order package printing – Automatically stop work orders exceeding a configurable number of work orders in a batch or number of pages in a work order package from mistakenly printing
  • Multi-threading Allows AventX Translation Server to accept and process multiple work order packages simultaneously, dramatically improving printing speeds by up to 50% (results may vary based on system implementation)
  • Usability
  • Intelligent duplex – Include filler pages when a duplexed document includes an odd number of pages
  • Protected PDF printing – Customers can use AventX to print protected PDF documents from their vendors that are attached to work orders

For more information on printing work orders with attachments from JDE E1 CAM, click here.

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