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AventX Attachment Printer Update: Select Which Work Order Packages Print from eAM

Posted on by Ben Bruno

The latest release of the AventX Attachment Printer takes advantage of, and improves upon, native work order printing from Oracle EBS R12. As always, AventX allows users to print complete work order packages, work orders plus corresponding attachments, in a single print request. Now, AventX includes a new user interface that makes printing complete work order packages more flexible than ever!

AventX boasts these powerful new features:

  • Allows users to dynamically select which work order packages (work orders plus attachments) are printed via enhanced Forms and Self-Service interfaces.
  • Prints complete work order packages directly from VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Scheduler.
  • Prints attachments stored ANYWHERE on the network including third party content management systems like SharePoint. No need to store everything in the Oracle database!

Watch this 10-minute video demonstration to see how the new AventX interface works in Oracle Forms, Oracle Application Framework (aka: Self-Service) and directly from VIZIYA’s WorkAlign Scheduler!

For more information:

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5 Responses to AventX Attachment Printer Update: Select Which Work Order Packages Print from eAM

  1. Bill Washburn says:

    1. When you create an activity in Oracle you may add attachments. These attachments could be PDF and etc. Is there any way to get these attachments to print without having to review each work order after it has generated and ready to print? This would be a time saver if you could identify the attachments to print in the pm activity and not during a print process. We currently generate hundreds of pm work orders monthly and it would add considerable time each month to review each work orders for attachments needing printed. Possible enhancement in future release?

    • Gopal says:

      Hi Bill Washburn,

      There is standard functionality in oracle and you can put attachments in oracle master item form for an activity.

      Once PM work order is created, these attachments will be default on work order and you can use aventx to print work order with attachments.

      Hope, i have answered your question.

      Gopal Soni

  2. Sanjay says:

    Hi , In oracle we have attchment at each operation level, we can have attachment . Does Aventix print attachment after each of the operation or at the end of Work Order

    Sanjay A

    • Brent Lowe says:

      Hi Sanjay,

      Good question. Currently we only support printing of the attachments following the actual work order itself. Would you be willing to discuss your requirements in more detail? We have had great success in adding features such as these based on customer feedback and I’m sure we could make something work for your situation.

  3. Ankhbayar says:

    Thank you for your post. Can we attach document to PM, Currently we have attached document to activity, but our current business same activity able to be different attachment on PM. How can get your print tool, can you provide to me correct contact detail.

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