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AventX Attachment Printer 9.1 for eAM

Posted on by STR_Software

AventX 9.1 is the biggest functional release of AventX in its history. The release includes 13 major enhancements that improve performance, usability, and security. For a better understanding of each enhancement, watch the videos, follow the links, and read the descriptions below.

v9.1 (February 2014)

  • Performance
  • Multi-threading Allows AventX Translation Server to accept and process multiple work order packages simultaneously, dramatically improving printing speeds by up to 50% (results may vary based on system implementation)
  • Load balancing (licensable feature) – Allows for server load balancing and fail over (high availability) to additional AventX Translation Servers
  • Usability
  • Intelligent duplex – Include filler pages when a duplexed document includes an odd number of pages
  • Protected PDF printing – Customers can use AventX to print protected PDF documents from their vendors that are attached to work orders
  • Flexible page stamping Ability for customers to configure up to three UIDs for inclusion in the AventX Attachment Printer page stamp
  • Improved error codes – Improve error codes in order to provide users a greater level of description of an error and access to troubleshooting options
  • Error page Print an error page in the place of where a failed work order package should be located
  • Hard-coded document printing – Allows users to upload a selection of commonly printed documents and have them interactively selected when a user wants to print with the other pieces to a work order (for example, a burn permit for maintenance requiring welding)
  • Security
  • Secure storage retrieval – Add HTTPS document storage locations as AventX-supported repository locations

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