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Automating Email Delivery of PO’s from SunGuard ONE Solution

Case Study

The Organization:

The City of Edmond, Oklahoma, has worked hard to earn its reputation as one of the “Best Places to Live” as determined by CNNMoney and Relocate America. By investing in tools and talent, the city continues to control costs and deliver a stellar level of service to its 83,000 inhabitants.

The Problem:

The City of Edmond processes every purchasing requisition for the entire municipality at a central location. Brenda Mayer, Purchasing Manager and 14-year employee, is responsible for processing each purchase order that comes through the office. Although the city relies on SunGard’s ONESolution (formally IFAS) to centralize the management of its various financial systems, Mayer still had to manually process and route documents to the appropriate parties.

Mayer spent considerable time printing, stapling and sending each order via inter-office mail to the requestor by the following day. The requestor reviewed the documents and then manually faxed them to the vendor for fulfillment. Occasionally, purchase orders were lost and the system offered no audit trail to track them down. The process became particularly cumbersome at the beginning of each fiscal year when orders would jump from 30 to as many as 400 per day. This increase was caused by a flurry of activity issuing “blanket POs” for the upcoming year. During the annual surge, Mayer would use an entire ream of paper (500 sheets) each day.

The Solution:

Anticipating another flood of purchase orders with the new fiscal year approaching, Mayer reached out to STR Software for more information about automating PO delivery. She investigated AventX for ONESolution and was impressed with its functionality and integration. Mayer secured resources from the IT department and proceeded to implement the document delivery solution.

The City of Edmond chose AventX for ONESolution to automate the delivery of purchase orders via email, a delivery method which best suited the interests of most vendors and the city’s buyers. Users create a purchase order in ONESolution just as they always have, but now, AventX transmits the purchase order to the requestor as an email in the form of a uniquely-named PDF-based attachment. Instead of printing and manually faxing the PO the requestor simply forwards the emailed purchase order directly to the vendor.

Mayer selected AventX because of its tight integration with IFAS. She states, “I would definitely buy AventX again. The process of delivering our purchase orders to our buyers is much easier and more reliable. AventX delivers the purchase orders fast by email, cutting the delivery time to minutes as compared to one or two days. Our users love it, and so do I.” Mayer estimates that AventX saves her 8 hours per week and with the complete audit trail, nothing is ever lost.

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