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Automatically Print, Collate, & Staple Complete Work Order Packages from Oracle EBS

The Organization:

Barrick Gold Australia located in Perth, West Australia, is a regional business unit of Barrick Gold Corporation and is comprised of nine operating mines in the Australia Pacific Region.  Its parent company, Barrick Gold Corporation of Toronto, Canada, is the gold industry leader with a portfolio of 26 operating mines, advanced exploration and development projects located across five continents, and large land positions on some of the world’s most prolific and prospective mineral trends.

At the heart of Barrick Gold Australia’s operation are countless heavy and light duty machines and vehicles that must remain in good operating condition to ensure mining and production runs smoothly.  To manage the maintenance of these assets, Barrick relies on Oracle EBS R12 Enterprise Asset Management (eAM) application.  One of Oracle EBS eAM’s key functions is the tracking of assets and scheduling of maintenance through the use of work orders.

The Problem:

Each day, Barrick Gold Australia generates 300-400 work order packages across six sites within the region to repair and maintain their assets.  Included within each work order package is the work order report and up to 12 document attachments in the form of MS Office documents (.xls, .doc, and .ppt), formatted output (.pdf, .pcl, .ps) and image files (.jpg, .gif). Typically these attachments reside in the Oracle EBS database and include important details on past maintenance activities, safety warnings, step-by-step instructions, equipment diagrams, etc.

Once a work order is assigned to the maintenance department, the planners and supervisors manually print a work order report, open each attachment in its native application, print the required attachments, and then manually collate and staple the documents together.  Given the volume of 300 to 400 work order reports created daily, each including six to 12 attachments, the printing process is an extremely inefficient, 40 hour-a-week task and very costly to Barrick Gold.

The Solution

The only acceptable solution for Barrick Gold Australia was to fully automate the work order package printing process, eliminating all manual intervention.  Inquiring with their parent, Barrick Gold Corporation, Chris Abbott, System Administrator at Barrick Gold Australia, learned that STR Software’s AventX Attachment Xpress for Oracle eAM was in the process of being procured.  As soon as Chris set eyes on AventX, he knew the software product would solve his work order package printing problem.

Tightly integrated with EBS, AventX allows Barrick Gold Australia’s more than 600 users to submit print requests as they always have.  From there AventX takes over and automatically prints the work order and all associated attachments, collates the documents together, and finishes the package with a staple.  According to Chris, “AventX is transparent in the Oracle experience and works so well that we forget it’s there.”  He continued, “The print function is easy, straightforward and simply put, it works!”

Unexpectedly, Chris has seen a 30% to 40% improvement on EBS printer utilization as a result of implementing AventX.  This is because with AventX, each concurrent request is closed as soon as the data is generated.  From there document translation and printing take place in the background.  Previously, Barrick would process the data generation, translation and printing within the concurrent request which tended to hang-up the Concurrent Manager with volume from each of their six other sites submitting requests at the same time.

AventX has also been able to help with Barrick Gold’s EBS database growth problem, which was seeing increases of 30 GB each month.  With AventX Attachment Xpress for eAM, Barrick Gold references and prints work order attachments stored in Microsoft SharePoint, eliminating the need to upload volumes of large work order attachment files to the EBS database.

STR Software’s AventX Product Suite is designed to streamline, manage and automate document delivery processes from Oracle E-Business Suite, allowing companies to reduce operating costs, lessen demand on administrative resources and realize greater value from existing and future IT investments.

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