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Are your invoice emails getting ignored?

Posted on by Emily Benfield

Chances are you’ve had a frustrating experience with a customer who claims they never got your invoice. Sometimes they may be making excuses for not meeting payment terms, but sometimes they’re telling the truth. The same can be true for vendors not delivering materials on time because of lost purchase orders.

As much as we’ve come to rely on email as a form of business communication, it’s not always a dependable delivery method. This can be especially troubling when emailing critical, time-sensitive reports from ERPs like Oracle or JD Edwards.

A handful of limitations in Oracle can prevent your invoices or other business documents from reaching their intended recipients on time:

  • Automatically generated subject lines and message bodies often end up looking like spam and risk getting caught by junk filters
  • You can’t tell whether or not your invoice/PO was delivered successfully
  • You can’t tell if your invoice/PO was delivered to the correct recipient
  • You can’t tell if the recipient actually read the invoice/PO or not

And if your invoices don’t reach their intended recipients on time, the resulting delay in cash flow can have negative impacts on your company’s bottom line.

             junk folderbusy inbox

Simply put, the native email functionality just doesn’t cut it for most businesses.

But the good news is you can get the delivery and tracking tools you need in Oracle or JD Edwards without developing a complicated custom solution.

AventX Mail SC for Oracle EBS and AventX for JD Edwards give you complete control over your outbound delivery to make sure your invoices, purchase orders or other documents are delivered to the right people at the right time, every time:

  • Receive detailed read receipt notifications including the date and time when a recipient reads your email and opens your documents
  • Customize your From: address, subject line and message body to prevent system-generated text from triggering spam filters
  • Monitor the real-time delivery status of your emails inside Oracle and easily resend emails that failed to deliver or were deleted prior to being read
  • Send supplemental attachments with your report in a single email so no piece of information gets overlooked in a busy inbox

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