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8 Features To Look For In an Automated Enterprise Fax and Email Solution

This resource post touches on 8 features to look for in an automated enterprise fax and email from email messaging from multiple host environments to document capture and workflow.

Application Integration
Document delivery solutions that integrate directly into industry leading ERPs and back office applications translate into easy retrieval of document and user information directly from the application’s database. Advanced document management features, and integrated security are additional benefits.

Desktop Faxing Capability
Using Outlook, Notes, GroupWise, web browsers, and more, users are provided with inbound/outbound faxing capabilities with an unlimited number of fax rules configurable on the server.

Email Messaging
From multiple host environments, leverage your existing email application to centrally automate the delivery of business-critical documents.

Scalable, Secure Delivery Channels
Today’s fax servers come in a variety of forms making delivery channels a flexible, scalable option that can ebb and flow with your delivery needs: 1) With a premise-based server, users benefit from up to 96 simultaneous transmissions. 2) An integrated communication channel utilizing Fax Over Internet Protocol (FoIP) is also an option. Or, 3) internet fax
(ASP) provides 200,000+ fax lines with international points of presence for reduced phone rates.

Advanced Inbound Routing
Through data-capture methods of OCR, DNIS-DID, or Fax Line Mapping, all incoming documents can be intelligently routed to multiple inbound locations (including, but not limited to, user inbox, public folder, network directory, FTP server) thereby eliminating business’ dependency on fax machines.

Document Capture & Workflow
The advanced ability to capture paper-based and electronic form data to seamlessly translate and move pertinent information into databases and back office applications.

Rapid Implementation
Remote or on-site, implementation, with little end-user training required and no programming modifications.

Knowledgeable Support & Frequent Upgrades
Technical engineers provide human-based support backed by extensive product documentation. Frequent, free upgrades to all customers on active support.

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