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5 benefits of Fax over IP (FoIP) Services and Software

Fax over IP (FoIP) refers to the process of sending and receiving faxes over the internet on a Voice over IP (VoIP) network like Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel-Lucent, Quintum, and others.

Organizations realize substantial cost savings and productivity benefits when deploying a FoIP with existing equipment to route faxes over an IP network. Even if an enterprise does not have a VoIP network in place today, they can still implement FoIP and virtualize their fax servers through use of the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 fax software and media gateway.

Benefits of Fax over IP (FoIP)

  1. Eliminates hardware dependency through software virtualization
  2. Takes advantage of existing IP infrastructure
  3. Lowers total equipment, maintenance and operating costs due to network consolidation
  4. Automatically delivers ERP documents with AventX Connector integration: Oracle, SAP, UNIX and Windows, BusinessPLUS and ONESolution
  5. Reduces long distance costs and eliminates the need to maintain fax ports on your PBX system

FoIP works via T.38, where T.38 is a protocol that describes how to send a fax over a computer data network. As shown in the diagram above, T.38 requires a T.38-capable VoIP gateway as well as a T.38-capable fax device.

To implement a FAXCOM Server as a T.38-capable fax device, you use the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 fax software, available in densities ranging from 2 to 60 channels and supporting up to 120 ports in a single server. Additional channels can be installed with new software license keys.

The Dialogic SR140 FoIP product is compliant to the T.38, SIP, and H.323 industry standards, and we regularly tests its T.38 FoIP solution with additional PBXs, Gateways, SIP Trunking interfaces, and other devices to confirm additional interoperabilities. To verify interoperability with your IP environment, contact STR Software for an analysis of your IP environment and configuration recommendations.

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