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4 Ways Going Mobile for Oracle eAM Can Help Your Maintenance Teams

Posted on by Rachel Gerungan

Preparing work order packets and entering their data to Oracle eAM is a tedious process for everyone involved. First your maintenance planner has to print the work orders and all of its required attachments. Next, he or she must haul stacks of work order packets at the beginning of each shift to deliver them to the appropriate technicians. Once the technicians’ work is complete, their handwritten notes are collected and must be manually entered into eAM.

Maintenance planners aren’t the only ones being hindered by paper work orders – your technicians are too. When there are maintenance activities that require a team, the technician must report back to the maintenance shed after a completed operation for handoff to the next assigned technician. If the technician notices an asset in the field that needs attention,  he won’t be able to submit a work request until he returns to the office. And lastly, technicians are re-documenting their work into Oracle at the end of each shift. Unfortunately paper work orders are stealing valuable time intended to be spent on the field.

AventX Mobile for eAM replicates the work orders and work requests your technicians are familiar with, which reduces resistance to adopting a mobile maintenance solution. AventX requires minimal training  for any member on your team by providing an easy to use interface for new and veteran technicians alike. Going mobile with AventX  reduces the burden of paper packages without uprooting your existing process.

Here are 4 ways your maintenance team can benefit from simplified mobile maintenance solution like AventX Mobile for eAM:

1. Save time by eliminating manual distribution and data entry.

When a work order is assigned to a technician, he or she can view it on a tablet or smartphone. As technicians add notes and complete work, AventX automatically stores data and imports it to eAM with the push of a button.

2. Improve productivity through better communication.

Technicians can instantly share work orders with supervisors for rapid clarification which speeds up the maintenance process. The operations staff can also submit work requests easily from the app directly to eAM after identifying a problem, which eliminates any manual paperwork.

3. Empower users with options to attach rich media.

As with paper work orders, craftsmen can add signatures, highlights, and other markups to electronic work orders and work requests. The added benefit of embedding photos removes the need to carry cameras and uploading files separately in eAM.

4. Keep technicians working when offline.

AventX Mobile Work Orders is a fully functional maintenance application in any location whether your are connected to a network or not. AventX stores all data digitally on the device when offline and syncs once reconnected. This feature eliminates any worries your technicians might have when working in remote or disconnected areas.

With AventX Mobile for eAM, your organization can steamline the maintenance process while reducing any manual complexities from paperwork.

What’s Next?

Learn more about mobile maintenance here or see Mobile for eAM yourself!

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