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3 ways you can achieve better asset reliability

Posted on by Emily Benfield

Streamlining and automating your company’s work order preparation helps you get the most out of your assets while elevating your overall preventative maintenance program. View the full presentation below to find out how.

Your key company assets are a significant upfront investment, but sudden breakdowns can cause even bigger costs for your business with unscheduled shut downs for production, decreased productivity for work crews or rush fees for new parts and repairs.

These costs are why having a top-notch preventative maintenance program is crucial to your business. Since the success of your reliability program depends on the precision and accuracy of your work orders, here are 3 ways automated attachment printing from AventX can improve work order quality and boost your asset reliability:

1. Better Communication

With AventX, you can update maintenance procedures instantly and independently for all relevant work orders. This guarantees no detail gets lost in the process of working through multiple team members.

2. Better Accuracy

Deter your teams from printing standard attachments in bulk and stashing them for convenient use. AventX prints a complete work order packet in 1 click, making printing painless and ensuring the most up-to-date attachments are included

3. Better Performance

Printing with AventX frees up time to work through your maintenance backlog and focus on preventative maintenance efforts.

And more focus on maintenance can lead to extra benefits like:

  • Lower fuel or energy consumption from operating in peak performance conditions
  • Flexibility to schedule maintenance with minimum impact on production

So let’s review… Automated work order attachment printing with AventX leads to better asset reliability through better communication, better accuracy and better performance.

For you that means more savings, profits and success!

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