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3 ways to improve asset reliability with automated maintenance work order printing

Posted on by Emily Benfield

Your key company assets like heavy machinery, factory infrastructure or transportation equipment often represent a significant upfront investment and need to operate at peak performance to be profitable. However, while these assets are often expensive to acquire, sudden breakdowns can prove even costlier once they are fully integrated into your production line. From productivity and revenue loss to deteriorating workplace safety, asset failure due to improper maintenance can carry a significant price tag.

An increasingly popular remedy in maintenance departments around the world has been the adoption of preventive maintenance practices. However, the success of preventive maintenance efforts strongly depends on the precision and accuracy of work order instructions. Version control and the confidence that work order packages in the field are accurate and reflect the latest best practices are of great importance to management and can have far-ranging implications.

One simple way to improve asset reliability and improve confidence in your preventive maintenance program is through the automation of your work order printing with a product like AventX. Here are 3 ways your asset reliability can benefit from this simple switch.

Benefit #1: Easy updates of maintenance instructions

What if you notice that high temperatures at specific points on your electrical motors are often early indicators of equipment failure? With work order printing automation software like AventX, maintenance management and coordinators can amend maintenance procedures instantly and autonomously for all relevant work orders to ensure new processes are followed on the very next iteration without a communication lag. This easy process not only increases valuable wrench time of your maintenance staff, but gives you the confidence that changes are actually implemented in all new work orders and that nothing is lost in the process of working through multiple team members.

Benefit #2: Version control confidence

Eliminate version-control issues by making the printing process easier, so your teams will be less inclined to print standard work order attachments in bulk ahead of time. With easy and fast on-demand work order printing, you can ensure your teams are using the most-up-to-date attachments and maintenance instructions. This ensures continued warranty coverage, may lower insurance premiums, or serve as legal proof against liability or negligence claims in the case of a breakdown.

Benefit #3: Reduce maintenance backlog

A simpler and quicker printing process can free up valuable time to reduce your maintenance backlog and get ahead of the curve with your preventive maintenance efforts. This allows you to get more out of your assets by preventing breakdowns and keep them running at optimal performance. Maintaining your assets in pristine condition not only improves reliability, but can also lead to other cost savings such as:

  • lower fuel or energy consumption
  • flexibility to schedule maintenance work during low-use periods for minimum impact on production levels
  • no rush fees for new parts or repair work

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