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12 Questions To Ask When Building a Fax and Email Delivery Solution for Oracle EBS

12 questions to ask when building a fax and email delivery solution for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) including:

  1. Will the users want to type in the fax number or email address? Or will the process be completely automated?
  2. If automated, will the report include many documents in the same request (batch processing)? If yes, then how will the report separate into individual documents?
  3. Will the user want to attach other documents to the primary document, i.e. terms and conditions, diagrams, etc.?
  4. Will the document be sent to different destination types, i.e. email, fax, print?
  5. Will the process require sending documents to multiple recipients?
  6. What method will be used to deliver a confirmation?
    • a. Individual emails per document
    • b. Scheduled summary reports
  7. When should the confirmation be sent?
  8. What should the confirmation look like?
  9. Who should receive the confirmation?
  10. Who will manage failed documents? Or successful documents that need to be transmitted again?
  11. Where will users manage their documents? Inside or outside of Oracle EBS?
  12. How long will documents and their transmission history be saved?

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