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7 Benefits To Look For In A Best-In-Class Fax Solution For UNIX & Windows

A quick review of the features, functionalities and benefits of an automated email and fax solution for Windows or UNIX based environments.

Benefits of a best-in-class solution

No Modification to Source Code

The ability to interpret the output document and extract relevant delivery information from the document itself, or perform a lookup into a database or other external structure.

Multiple Application Interfaces

Simplifies automated emailing and faxing from various business applications using several ERP Connectors.

Intelligent Restart

If document transmission is interrupted, restart will occur at the point of initial failure with a retry cover page, securing that only one copy of the document exists.

Intelligent Workflow Logic

Interprets your output data with no modifications to source code. Locates each document within your print file, identifies the recipient, and defines the method of delivery to be email, fax, or print.

Multiple Document Formats

Supports document formats of PCL, PostScript, HTML, MS Office, TIFF, PDF, ASCII text, and more.

Complete Reporting

Generate reports at specific intervals or at any point using the automatic or on-demand configurable reporting capabilities.

Dynamic Grouping

Provides the ability to groupsend any document (text or formatted) and avoid dialing redundancy

Best in class features

Single Software Installation

Perform system administration and manage documents for all production and non-production environments from a single software installation.

Document Search Keys

Locate submitted documents using predefined and custom queries

Advanced Reporting

View summarized or detailed information for each document. Sort your resulting document list by Status, User ID, Phone Number/Email Address, Fax ID, and more.

Internet Accessibility

Track the delivery of documents via a web browser either at your desktop or remotely.

Document Transmission

Control, modify, re-send, cancel, or delete the transmission of single or multiple documents

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor a document, a group of documents, or the system status in real-time

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