Integrated Document Solutions
for Business Applications

Oracle EBS

Oracle Certified

OracleGoldAs an Oracle Gold Partner and OAUG Member, STR Software is proud to provide the following solutions to support Oracle EBS.



AventX Print Xpress

Eliminate the hassle of managing printers in Oracle EBS and UNIX. AventX Print Xpress provides greater flexibility by allowing users to seamlessly print to locally-attached printers, network printers, and even preview report output onscreen.



AventX Oracle Connector

Email and fax documents, like purchase orders or invoices, from inside any Oracle EBS module with ultimate flexibility and control. AventX Oracle Connector creates a consistent document delivery experience across all modules and fills functionality gaps for end users.


Mail SC

AventX Mail SC

Email documents securely and receive confirmation that the documents were delivered to the intended recipients. Protect your message from landing in a junk folder and ensure compliance with corporate security requirements like GLBA, HIPAA and SOX.


Print with Attachments

AventX Attachment Xpress

Print documents, like work orders or shop packets, without the tedious and repetitive process of manually collating their corresponding attachments. Whether you’re printing or viewing your final documents, AventX Attachment Xpress improves efficiency and prevents incomplete packets from being delivered to your teams.


AventX Mobile for eAM

Create work requests and interact with work order packets on the go from a mobile device. Eliminate the burdens that come with paper documents like distribution, inefficient communication, and manual data entry. AventX Mobile’s intuitive interface allows your team to continue working in a familiar way, but with improved productivity.