Integrated Document Solutions
for Business Applications

Automated Fax from MPE

AventX for MPE

AventX MPE (formally FAX/3000) automates the fax delivery of any business document you can print from your MPE environment. Equipped with web-based reporting and document management tools, AventX provides your organization with a streamlined approach to ensure your mission-critical documents reach their destination.

Any Volume
AventX is designed to grow with the expanding needs of your organization; our customers rely on AventX to fax from 100 to over 40,000 pages on a daily basis.

AventX for MPE Support
STR Software is committed to supporting AventX for as long as you decide to operate your HP e3000 environment.

Free Software Migration
Should you choose to migrate from the HP e3000 with an active support agreement, STR Software will transfer your AventX software license to your new platform free of charge. We offer AventX on host ERP applications including Oracle E-Business Suite,  JD Edwards EnterpriseONESAP ERP, PeopleSoftSunGard BusinessPLUS or ONESolution (formally IFAS), EAS and more in UNIX Apps environments.