Integrated Document Solutions
for Business Applications

Automated Email and Fax Delivery
from BI Publisher Enterprise

Automated Email and Fax Delivery 
AventX automates the email and fax delivery of any business document you can print from BI Publisher Enterprise. Equipped with web-based reporting and document management tools, AventX provides your organization with a streamlined approach to ensure your mission-critical documents reach their destination.

Secure and Confirmed Email Delivery Option
AventX Mail SC allows users to email any document securely and receive confirmation that it was delivered to the intended recipient. Secure and confirmed email delivery offers the convenience of email with the delivery assurance of fax. Visit AventX Mail SC for more details.

Any Document
AventX can automate the email and fax delivery of any document you can print. From purchase orders and invoices to bills of lading and certificates of analysis, AventX can deliver your documents in an automated, unattended fashion.

Any Volume
Designed to grow with the expanding needs of your organization, our customers rely on AventX to email and fax from 100 to over 40,000 pages on a daily basis. Regardless of your organization’s size, STR Software has the experience to ensure your enterprise delivery requirements are met.

Web-Based Delivery Status 
AventX WebManager enables you to manage document delivery from anywhere via a web browser. Whether you need to determine where a document was delivered or re-queue a document to a new destination, AventX WebManager provides an easy-to-use interface for both users and IT administrators.

Free Assessment Consultation
Our solutions consultants are readily available to perform a telephone consultation to determine where improvements can be made in your current document delivery processes. Take advantage of this free service by contacting our team at 804.897.1600 x2 or sending us a message.